B2Buy Small to Medium Enterprise Insurance

b2buy is pleased to refer you to CKD Insurance & Risk Advisory, as a specialist insurance adviser, who can provide insurance solutions for small to medium businesses from 11 April 2023.


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By using b2buy, your business can access 100,000s of products (now including a referral to business insurance) from b2buy’s growing catalogue, all in a simple e-commerce site. So employees can quickly search, find, and buy goods without visiting different supplier sites, with one standard shopping and approvals process.

CKD Insurance & Risk Advisory is a corporate authorised representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia AFSL 240549, one of the largest and most respected General Insurance businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Insurance Advisernet is a principal member of the National Insurance Brokers Association and the largest member of the publicly-listed AUB Group – one of the region’s leading general insurance broking groups.

Option of Insurer(s)

Benefit from access to over 50 Insurers and Specialist Insurance Agencies.

Our Promises

  • Tailored risk advice, including advice as to the most relevant insurance solutions, aimed to help manage and eliminate risks related to your property, staff as well as contractors and clients;
  • Convenience of a bundled insurance program with one invoice and optional pay by the month arrangements;
  • Choice of cover and excess options; and
  • Workers’ Compensation Support..

Businesses that can benefit

  • Small to Medium Businesses with less than 100 employees and who generate less than $50M in revenue; and
  • Applicants with a sound financial position and well-maintained business records; and
  • New or Start up Enterprises, seeking support with a sound Insurance program.

Key Insurance Products

  • Property:covering accidental loss or damage to your buildings, contents and stock. This product also covers financial loss due to interruption to your business, following a fire, storm or other accident.
  • General Public & Products Liability:providing cover for legal costs and expenses, including any sums awarded by a court, if you or your staff have been negligent and caused personal injury or property damage.
  • Professional Indemnity: cover for acts, errors and omissions that directly results in financial loss to a Third Party that follows the advice. The act, error or omission can be related to misleading, inaccurate or negligent advice.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness:providing either weekly or lump sum compensation for business owners or employees, when at work or travelling to or from work.
  • Management Liability:covering directors, officers and senior managers against actual or alleged claims relating to mismanagement of the business, as well as official investigations and enquiries, including crime and tax audits.

You can select one or more of these policies and many other relevant covers.

Your Dedicated Insurance Adviser

In business, nothing is more important than a responsive business partner that knows your business and will advocate for you and your business. As your dedicated Insurance Adviser, Ross Pavlis will manage the end to end insurance and risk needs of your business.


Insurance Advisernet 24/7 Emergency Claims Response services will ensure your property is safe and protected after an accident. The 24/7 service provides you with make safe, restoration, glazing/shuttering and flooring services.

In emergency situations i.e., fires/storms causing widespread damage at the site, you have the option to notify your insurer of the claim via phone advising the name of insured, address, brief description of the damage and contact details to get the claim lodged and a loss adjuster will be appointed to work with you to do the rest.

How to get Risk Advice

Complete the simple online inquiry form opposite and click submit. CKD Insurance and Risk will call you back to discuss your business exposures and relevant insurance solutions.

Referral Fee Disclosure: If you decide to purchase any insurance product arising from this referral, CKD Insurance and Risk Advisory will pay B2Buy 8% of the insurance base premium as a referral fee.

Ross Pavlis

Authorised Representative No. 129778

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Disclaimer: This is general advice only and CKD Insurance & Risk Advisory does not provide any advice on the insurance products based on any consideration of your (or your clients) objectives, financial situation or needs. Before deciding, please refer to the relevant product disclosure statement or policy wording for terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.

Important Information: This communication including any weblinks or attachments is for information purposes only. It is not a recommendation or opinion, your personal or individual objectives, financial situation or needs have not been taken into account. This communication is not intended to constitute personal advice.

This material contains general information only and may not suit your particular circumstances. We strongly recommend that you consider the suitability of this information, in respect of your objectives, financial situation and needs before acting on it. This document is also not a Product Disclosure statement (PDS) or a policy wording, nor is it a summary of a particular product’s features or terms of any insurance product. If you are interested in discussing this information or acquiring an insurance product you should contact the insurance adviser to obtain and carefully consider any relevant PDS or policy wording before deciding whether to purchase any insurance product.